Listing Tips

This free directory is designed to allow the user to find information about National companies, Regional companies, and Inspectors via specific keywords and/or zip codes.

This website is free to use but those who want to post their listing must be registered. This website is supported by advertisers, so click on them often!

Only select 2 boxes.

Choice #1: Should be one check only; Independent Contractor, State-Wide Coverage, or National.
Choice #2: Should be one check only: Inspections Only, Property Preservation Only, or Inspections and Property Preservation.

If you checked more than 2 boxes, you did it wrong.

State-Wide and Independent Contractors:

  • IMPORTANT: List each state, county and every zip code for which you offer services.
  • Zip Codes must be entered individually or they will not be searchable!
  • Do not enter zip codes as 72000-78000 (They will not be searchable)
  • Use the filtered zip code list in the Resources tab.

For National Companies:

  • No need to list the states, counties or zip codes where you conduct business as it is assumed you provide services nationally.
  • Please remember to provide your company URL to receive vendor applications.

Support Services:

  • Insurance Companies
  • Data Processing Companies
  • QC Businesses
  • Data Entry Services

The form field for About Our Company: is NOT searchable.  (It would slow down the search function.)  Most companies looking for inspectors will search one zip code or county at a time. But it is a great place to list your experiences, maybe other Nationals and Regional companies you work for, etc.