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Charles Miller
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InspectorADE, EZinspections, Provan, Property Prez Wizard, PreserveSoft, Virtuworx

IGNITE Preservation [IP] is a sister concern of Janani Group of Companies ltd. Operating over 60 years and contributing to educate nation partnering with Bangladesh government.

We stepped into the Virtual world with Property Preservation Industry early of this year but We were working since 2012 for Several companies and started to gain so much knowledge of this industry.
We feel very lucky having worked in such different companies, and feel it is giving us a range of knowledge about different softwares, apps and sites. We make our client’s life relax and ensure the quality of work. We focused on just one thing – offshore P&P Work order processing. Only A year- 50+ Graduate Processors, 8 QC Managers, 3 Team Leaders, We have worked for MCS, SAFEGUARD, M&M, LPS, AFAS, MNM, MSI With several National Vendors to help to simplify their outsourcing experience and reduce costs/time-to-market.
“Hire us and focus on Strategic Planning to boost your business.”

National Company
Angela Norman
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Full Mortgage Field Services Provided – Property Inspections – Occupancy Verification – Letter Delivery – Interior Inspections – Insurance Loss Draft – Merchant Site Inspections, Insurance Inspections
Certified Mortgage Field Services Inspector from
InspectorADE, EZinspections

FEMA, Mortgage inspections, and Insurance Inspections.